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Computer-Based Testing has become enshrined in our testing and assessment modus in Nigeria. JAMB has moved UTME fully online and other examination bodies will soon follow suit.

We therefore provide our Virtual Online Testing Service to equip students and candidates well enough for this innovation which is still alien to most Nigerian students.


This option is available to Schools, Colleges and Organization who want to contract the burden of testing out. We accept questions from them and program them into online test to be taken by their candidates, students or staff with instant result display. This is suitable for Entrance Examinations / Admission Tests, Terminal Examinations, Promotion Examinations, Screening Tests etc.

Click on your school (if on our subscription list) to take the assigned tests on the exam day and get result instantly upon submission. Log In with the Username and Password provided by your school examination officer. We can also embed the test on the organization's website if they so desire.


STEP 1- Log on to  and read details about Online Testing.

STEP 2– Send a mail to requesting for subscription to our online testing platform.

STEP 3 – Once you get a reply to your mail, you will be contacted for discussion on your school's specific need and a Setup & Customization invoice will be raised based on agreed criteria and mailed to you for payment to Pen-Write Communications. Basic setup & customization fee is a once off payment of N120,000.

STEP 4 – Forward your logo with details of payment to our e-mail in step 2 above.

STEP 5 – You will receive an acknowledgement receipt for your payment immediately your payment is confirmed.

STEP 6 – A platform will be created on our website where your students/staff can access all tests programmed for them and the link will be forwarded to you within 48hrs (you can input the link on your own website for easy access if you so desire)

STEP 7 – Submit your questions in the agreed format with names of candidates registered for the test at least two (2) weeks before test date and another invoice based on the number of candidates programmed for the test/exam will be raised and forwarded to you for payment at N250 (Two Hundred and Fifty Naira Only) per test per candidate to Pen-Write Communications as in step 3 above.

STEP 8 – After your payment is verified, a dummy of the programmed test is forwarded to you for confirmation with a receipt for your payment.

STEP 9 – You will receive the access password for every candidate booked for the test which you will use to administer the test/exam.

STEP 10 – A master result and performance analysis will be forwarded to you within 24hrs after the completion of the test. You may allow an instant display of result immediately on submission or decide to have it forwarded to a dedicated email address.

STEP 11 – Subscribe for annual retainership of N100,000 (One Hundred Thousand Naira) per annum to have all your old tests reprogrammed as past questions for your students to practise with a universal password for access (Step 11 is an optional service).


  • Every test has a time limit which is displayed at the starting point and will count down as you progress. 
  • The test will automatically close after the expiration of assigned time. 
  • You can attempt a test only once (except otherwise specified). 
  • You can go back to change an answer before submission.
  • You must choose an option to proceed to other questions. 
  • Passmark for the test is pre-set and displayed for your attention; so, you know your target from the beginning. 
  • On submission, call your invigilator/exam officer to record your score. Comprehensive result is sent to examiner via e-mail.


1.Entrance Exams and all internal tests / examination can be programmed for CBT to make them available anywhere.

2.It eliminates the possibility of malpractice which may arise due to personnel familiarity and/or compromise.

3.99.9% error free due to automated processing & scoring.

4.It saves time and energy as teachers will channel their energy to more productive intellectual use.

5.It speeds up the time frame for result collation since result are displayed instantly.

6.It provides a two-way record confirmation and tamper control as result recorded by the invigilator is verified with authentic record from Pen-Write for errors / alterations.

7.Waste of material resources (Paper, Ink, wear & tear on gadget etc.) is reduced drastically if not totally eliminated.

8.It boosts the morale of the student and gives them an air of international status.

9.It promotes the image of the school to the outside world for being 21st Century technology compliant.

10.It provides a database for assessment as a question bank will be created for each school for random selection later on.

11.It reduces the stress and error  associated with marking due to fatigue.

12.Candidates away from school with genuine reasons will not miss test/exam as they have access to the question from anywhere in the world having been provided with login details.

13.Ease of access through desktop, Laptop, Ipad, I-Phone, Tablet, Androids  or any internet-enabled device.

14.It allows flexibility in exam time-table. Where computers will not go round, some candidates will be assigned for online testing while others busy themselves with theory test.

15.Students know their score immediately after finishing the test.

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