...pioneering online tutorial / home school in Nigeria. It is education without border...a classroom without walls.


About Pen-Write Communications

Education in the 21st Century has taken a new dimension where students can no longer be restricted to the limited knowledge of their subject teachers when they have unlimited access to knowledge in every field at their fingertips. Our children are advancing intellectually on a daily basis due to exposure to the internet and other electronic media but their academic performance is unexpectedly declining due to the distractions and abuse/misuse of these media which is their passion.

Students of this generation are driven more by technology rather than pedagogy. Instead of compelling them to the old ways, we opine that their passion (technology) be harmonized with their responsibility (academics) to achieve the best in the shortest possible time.

To help in salvaging this situation, Pen-Write Communications was incorporated in 2007 as BN 2074936 and it became a limited liability company in 2008 (RC 790155) and has been working since then on various online academic support project for schools and interested individuals.

The first of its product tagged “Education without Borders – a classroom without walls” was initiated to provide world class education to the new generation of Nigerian students in line with the 21st Century advanced technology, where the entire world has become a global village, e-commerce becoming widely acceptable and e-learning desirable as a convenient way to acquire knowledge; so that they can have access to knowledge anywhere, anytime and on any chosen device.


  • To be the pioneer and leading online Home School in Nigeria
  • To become a household name in Online Education in Nigeria and its sub-region
  • To propagate the gospel of success by integrity
  • To empower youth for intellectual independence



Our programmes are designed to provide academic and academic – related services to individuals and corporate bodies in the following spheres:

1. Interactive online tutorial for students in English Language, Mathematics and other core subject areas for BECE, SSCE, GCE, IGCSE, UTME and other examinations in the comfort of their home/cafe.

2. Online interraction for students where they collaborate online and participate in assignments, tests and examinations with Assessment Report forwarded to them on a monthly basis. This is a remedial service for JSS 1 - 3 and SSS 1 - 3 students.

3. An opportunity for members to work ahead of their peers in all available subject areas through access to the curriculum / syllabi and have live discussion with professional teachers after reading through the topics already prepared on each subject forum.

4. Opportunity to interact with other members of the Pen-Write Forums , share ideas and maitain a lifelong network of friends on our Teachers Forum and Students Forum.

5. A second chance at education where you can study for external examinations without necessarily enrolling in a conventional school.

6. Flexible time schedule where you can choose the most convenient period to study and make up for lost period or classes in subsequent sessions.

7. Virtual Online Testing(VOT) for individuals, schools and organizations. We take the burden of marking objective answer sheets from you by helping your school or organization programme your test and assessment and administer it online with instant result which helps to save time, money and energy. (view VOT details).  

We also provide FREE and Paid Practice Test Packages for candidates preparing for Common Entrance, BECE, SSCE/GCE & UTME Examinations.

8. E-Lesson packages for individuals or schools in all subject areas giving access to comprehesive tutorial for independent study in core subjects for learners and teachers alike following the curriculum religiously on a weekly and termly basis. 

Our philosophy is that conscious effort and hard work is the key to an enduring success.

You are proud of what you earn and you value what you labour for.

"The shortest link to a given point is a straight line" - not by cutting corners.