...pioneering online tutorial in Nigeria. It is education without border...a classroom without walls.


(The Pioneer Online Tutorial / Home School in Nigeria)

PEN-WRITE ACADEMY is the brain-child of Pen-Write Communications, providing quality education to all without any barrier whatsoever, in a global classroom without walls.


  1. To be the pioneer and leading online Home School in Nigeria
  2. To propagate the gospel of success by integrity
  3. To empower youth for intellectual independence
  4. To move academic services from the conventional to a 21st century status


1. Interractive online tutorial with access to the archives of all topics, on a weekly and termly basis in all subject areas for Junior & Senior Secondary School students.

2. Practice Tests, Quizzes and Worksheets on every topic for self-assessment with instant display of result. (Take Sample Monthly Online Test)

3. Private online coaching for BECE, SSCE, GCE, IGCSE & UTME. You can subscribe freely to subject forums to post your questions for professional response and receive notification by E-Mail when you are offline but you must be a subscribed member to qualify for a Monthly Assessment Test.

4. Attend classes privately online and participate in assignments, tests and examinations with assessment report forwarded to you. This is a remedial service for JSS 1 - 3 and SSS 1 - 3 students.

5. Access to a library of all topics in the syllabus of your choice subject for BECE, SSCE, GCE, IGCSE & UTME comprehensively treated with images and video illustrations for concrete learning.

6. Have access to our Online Laboratory for experiments and other demonstrations in the sciences.

7. Unlimited learning resources for proficiency in core subjects areas with YouTube videos and demonstrations for concrete learning. You can also cool off with over 1000 academic related games through the links in our Games Arena.

And many more...

Home School for individuals who want to continue their education without having to enrol in a conventional school due to age or status.

To have temporary access, login as a Free Member and fill the required forms and register a new account which will be activated within 24hrs for you to see for yourself what the academy has to offer.

STEPS (for free members)

(1) Click on HomeSchool on the main Menu

(2) Click on Free Membership

(3) Fill request form and submit

(4) Proceed to accept terms and conditions

(5) Agree and answer anti-spam question

(6) Send answer and fill the registration form for a new account

(7) Wait for activation and use the login details sent to your email to Enter through Pen-Write Academy as an old member (activated) into the FREE campus.

To be a subscribed member of the Pen-Write Academy, each member is required to pay a subscription fee to grant them access depending on their chosen Plan.
Franchise will also be sold to schools and government agencies at discounted rate for multiple accesses where their students can enjoy our services, using their school ICT rooms via a link to the Academy.

Individuals who want to register multiple candidates (minimum of 10) will also enjoy franchise discount (see franchise offer)

After the expiration of subscription, a member pays another subscription fee to validate membership while schools and other agencies will renew their franchise at the expiration of their tenure.

STEPS (for Subscribed members only)

(1) Click on HomeSchool on the main Menu

(2) Click on New Member (unactivated)

(3) Fill activation request form and submit

(4) Proceed to the Academy to register a new account

(5) Follow steps 4, 5 & 6 above under free membership

(6) Wait for activation and use the login details sent to your email to Enter through Pen-Write Academy as an old member (activated) into your chosen campus.

Live Online Classroom for students in core subject areas for JSS 1-3 / Basic 7-9, SSS 1-3 as well as remedial classes for SSCE/ GCE, UTME, IGCSE and other examinations. Coming Soon!!!


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