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This is a Free and open Online Discussion Forum on academic matters by Guests and Members of Pen-Write Online Community. The Forum is categorized into two (2):


This is a Forum for interaction and collaboration by 21st Century compliant teachers for digital transfer of knowledge.

Teachers can post request and get response from other Pen-Write Community Educators to easily surmount a challenge.

Teachers can post new topic for discussion and get contributions from colleagues from Pen-Write Online Community of educators since two good heads they say, are better than one.

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This is a Forum for interaction and collaboration by 21st Century compliant students for digital transfer of knowledge.

Students can start a topic here and get response from their classmates from any school on any topic of interest or contribute to discussions on the forum. They can also get help from our professional teachers in different subject areas.

The Students Forum is categorized into: Junior Secondary (JSS 1-3); Senior Secondary (SSS 1-3); Remedial Classes (SSCE/GCE & UTME). There is also a forum for International School (CheckPoint, IGCSE, SAT & TOEFL)

Members of the forums can subscribe to their post and get notification whenever there is a response to the post and can get problem solved with ease through interaction with other online members of the Pen-Write Community. It is an online community of serious-minded students who want to be in tune with the trends in their subject area and who want to excel as global learners.

NB: Posting on all forum is strictly for academic purposes and members risk banning for violation of this rule. All post are moderated by the Administrator for compliance with set rules.

Registration on this Forum is absolutely FREE.