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You are welcome to Pen-Write Virtual Online Testing Centre.

Computer-Based Testing has become enshrined in our testing and assessment modus in Nigeria. JAMB has moved UTME fully online and other examination bodies will soon follow suit.

We therefore provide our Virtual Online Testing to equip students and candidates well enough for this innovation which is still alien to most Nigerian students.


We provide FREE sample test in all relevant subject areas in our Academy and anyone can access them for practice at their convenience but limited attempts are allowed per test especially for Guests and unregistered members.

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This option is for individuals who want to master their chosen subjects especially in anticipation of a high score in an examination. They pay for test to be taken and they have extended attempts at various tests covering the syllabi in the chosen subject area. Once your payment is confirmed, you will receive a link via your email to access the test for the number of attempts available for your chosen plan & subject.

MINI Test Practice Plan - 25 Attempts for 30 days

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MIDI Test Practice Plan - 50 Attempts for 90 days

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MEGA Test Practice Plan - 100 Attempts for 180 days

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SUPER Test Practice Plan - Unlimited Attempts for 365 days

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This is a package of test series in the chosen subjects drawing questions randomly from a Question Bank of over 10,000 questions per subject. This option gives the buyer a full control over the tests with the freedom to choose which package will be most suitable for them. All test packages are mobile-friendly and are compatible with Windows, Apple, Android and iOs operating systems and can be accessed from any device.



This option is for Schools, Colleges and Organization who want to contract the burden of testing out. We accept questions from them and program them into online test to be taken by their candidates, students or staff with instant result display. This is suitable for Entrance Examinations / Admission Tests, Terminal Examinations , Promotion Examinations, Screening Tests etc. Click on your school (if on our subscription list) to take the assigned tests on the exam day and get result instantly upon submission.

Students Log In with the Username and Password provided by their school examination officer. The test can also be embedded on the organization's website if they so desire or administered via email link.


STEP 1 - Log on to https://www.penwriteng.com and read details about Online Testing.
STEP 2Send a mail to penwriteng@gmail.com OR admin@penwriteng.com requesting for subscription to our online testing platform.
STEP 3Once you get a reply to your mail, you will be contacted for discussion on your school's specific need and a Setup & Customization invoice will be raised based on agreed criteria and mailed to you for payment to Pen-Write Communications. Basic setup & customization fee is a once off payment of N120,000.
STEP 4Forward your logo with details of payment to our e-mail in step 2 above.
STEP 5You will receive an acknowledgement receipt for your payment immediately your payment is confirmed.
STEP 6A platform will be created on our website where your students/staff can access all tests programmed for them and the link will be forwarded to you within 48hrs (you can input the link on your own website for easy access if you so desire)
STEP 7Submit your questions in the agreed format with names of candidates registered for the test at least two (2) weeks before test date and another invoice based on the number of candidates programmed for the test/exam will be raised and forwarded to you for payment at N300 (Three Hundred Naira Only) per test per candidate to our accounts in step 3 above.
STEP 8After your payment is verified, a dummy of the programmed test is forwarded to you for confirmation with a receipt for your payment.
STEP 9You will receive the access password for every candidate booked for the test which you will use to administer the test/exam.
STEP 10A master result and performance analysis will be forwarded to you within 24hrs after the completion of the test. You may allow an instant display of result immediately on submission or decide to have it forwarded to a dedicated email address.

STEP 11Subscribe for annual retainership of N50,000 (Fifty Thousand Naira) per annum to have all your old tests reprogrammed as past questions for your students to practise with a universal password for access (Step 11 is an optional service).


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