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E-Learning Service 

You are welcome to the E-Learning Service page of PEN-WRITE COMMUNICATIONS.

Pen-Write has introduced new services designed to assist clients to fully benefit from the potential of eLearning. The services are offered for a fee but our demo presentations (on request) are free of charge.


Consulting services on eLearning solutions

This service is for institutions who want to adopt distance and eLearning. It provides a holistic approach including need assessment, planning, resources, implementation, management and monitoring.  


Content Development

This service addresses clients who want to:

  • Convert existing materials into eLearning format
  • Develop new eLearning materials.
  • Harvest lesson content for conversion into digital resources
  • Development and deployment of learning content to be accessesd online or run offline on devices (Laptops, Tablets, Phones etc)


Establishment of Distance and eLearning Platforms

This service is to assist clients to establish a distance and eLearning platform connected to the Internet or offline (for schools without stable internet access). Pen-Write can set up a new platform for any school that requests it. This service may include,

  • Need assessment and planning
  • Purchase, installation and configuration of the relevant hardware and software
  • Training of educators, administrators and technical staff to enable them deliver  distance and eLearning programs and courses via the platform
  • Remote support from Pen-Write for a limited period immediately following the launch of the platform.


Hosted Communities

This service addresses a scenario in which a partner would like Pen-Write to set up and support an online community (for students, staff and parents) on its behalf. Online or virtual communities are typically used to:

  • Provide a centralized location for information and resources for a geographically dispersed group
  • Provide a virtual forum for group members to communicate, exchange ideas and collaborate with each other.

A community can be used either internally within an organization or as an open public forum for a specific purpose.